spa francorchamps

Little has to be said about the home of the F1 Belgian Grand Prix, located in the Ardennes forest and we shall again be  supporting the Spa Summer Classic, over the three day festival, with around 600 classic cars.

The very nature of the circuit encourages the 'thinking game' of slipstreaming strategies​, giving reward to perfect timing along the fast sweeping bends and longest straights.


Friday 22nd June | Qualifying (30')

Saturday 23rd June | Race 1 (30')

Sunday 24th June | Race 2 (30')


Additional testing is available on Thursday 23rd, on a first come first served basis' (as has been the case for the previous 2 years). To date, no driver has missed out on the opportunity of gaining some extra tracktime. Further details will be issued in due course.


The size of the event usually results in hotels filling up fast and several drivers will already have their own personal preferences, however we can certainly recommend;

Raddison Blu can be booked here

Spa Hotels can be booked here