To enhance the social aspect of the 7 Race Series weekend we encourage all drivers to book the same hotel accommodation or area, particularly at invitation events. We appreciate that for UK events drivers may have their own preferred hotels, however, particularly for overseas meetings, we do make recommendations based on our previous experience.

Mondello Park

After research at the pre-season trackday in March last year, we found that the Osprey Hotel offered good food, clean rooms and a large slice of hospitality. We will endeavour to contact the hotel for a group deal, with more details to follow.


On our previous visit a number of drivers opted to stop ​at the Hotel Ciutat de Granollers, around 10mins walking into the town and around 30mins via train to Barcelona. Best ever steak entrecote can be found in Granollers centre :-)

Valencia and Jerez

We will need to carry out some research, prior to making recommendations, however as soon as we know more we will of course let all drivers and teams know.


The Tivoli Marina has proven popular for the past few years, if only for the breakfast overlooking the estuary and at a very good rate.


Previously we have stopped at the Miragem, a fantastic 5* Hotel overlooking the sea. However, last year we tried the Grande Real Italia and the feedback from drivers was excellent. We will be contacting several hotels in Cascais to organise a group offer... more details to follow.